Driving Sales and ROAS to New Heights with Performance Marketing

Wood Barrow, established in 2022, has come as a pioneer in the wooden manufacturing industry, dedicated to providing premium and customized wooden products to individuals and enterprises with a goal of sustainability throughout the UAE. 

WoodBarrow embarked on a transformative journey to redefine its digital landscape. In addition to revamping   its ecommerce website, we elevated the brand by creating brand awareness that has driven sales. This case study unveils the challenges faced, the strategic solutions implemented, and the remarkable results achieved during WoodBarrow’s digital journey.

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About Wood Barrow 


Wood Barrow stands as a unique destination for those seeking wooden treasures. With a diverse range catering to both B2B and B2C segments, the brand takes pride in offering personalized and eco-friendly products. From photo-engraved gifts to corporate gifting solutions and specialized items for restaurants, hotels and other businesses, Wood Barrow embodies a commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship.

Wood Barrow’s competitive edge lies in its commitment to excellence. Wood Barrow aims to provide gifts that are not harmful to nature. The eco-conscious and sustainable goals differ the company from others. It has a team of highly skilled artisans and craftsmen, operating in its own manufacturing units. This ensures complete control over the quality of products, setting Wood Barrow apart in the market. The company’s mission revolves around infusing vibrance and elegance into spaces by leveraging the timeless beauty of wood.

Project Objectives of the Project


The primary objectives of the project were twofold: 

  • To revamp the ecommerce website for an enhanced user experience 
  • To increase brand awareness leading to a surge in sales.

The client aimed to overcome specific challenges impacting their online presence, ranging from high bounce rates to a lack of abandoned cart recovery mechanisms.

 Challenges Faced by the Brand


Wood Barrow faced a set of challenges that demanded strategic attention:


1. High Bounce Rate:


Loading issues contributed to a significant bounce rate which blocked potential customers’ initial interactions with the website.


2. Navigational Complexities


The existing website had difficulties in effective product listing and grouping, complicating user navigation and the overall buying journey.


3. Checkout Hurdles


Customers faced obstacles during the checkout process, affecting the seamless transition from product selection to completion of the purchase.


4. Abandoned Cart Oversight


The absence of an effective abandoned cart recovery system meant missed opportunities to re-engage users who expressed initial interest but did not complete their purchase.


5. Communication Overload


Wood Barrow received a substantial volume of inquiries through WhatsApp and social media, overwhelming their capacity to respond efficiently.


6. Ad Creatives Impact


Successful ad creatives led to a surge in comments, creating a challenge in managing and responding promptly to customer inquiries.


7. The absence of a Mobile App 


The absence of a dedicated mobile app for order management introduced additional complexities in an era where mobile interactions dominate.